The park is mostly known for gorillas

You will get very Close to the gorillas

All the gorillas have names

Virunga Mountains

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park in northern Rwanda border with Virunga National Park in Congo and Mgahinga National Park in southern Uganda. Together protects the three parks forest in Virunga Mountains are one of only two remaining habitat for the highly endangered mountain gorilla or eastern highland gorilla that the real name (Gorilla beringei beringei). Volcanoes National Park is located at quite a high altitude and protects 160 square kilometers of the stunning mountain scenery in the Virunga Mountains. Virunga Mountains with its characteristic jagged peaks consists of five volcanoes that extends approximately 700 kilometers along the border between Rwanda, Congo and Uganda.

Volcanoes National Park consists of sparse mountain forest with jättebambo and a variety of deciduous trees at heights of up to 2 700 m. Over 2700 meters thinned out the forest becomes sparser though the westernmost part of the park has dense forests up to over 3000 meters above sea due. more rain.

The park is best known for its mountain gorillas but other animals can be seen in the forest is the endangered golden monkey (eng; golden monkey) bushbush and hyena.

It is easy to get to Volcanoes National Park. From Kigali to Ruhengeri, the trip takes about 2.5 hours. The road is paved all the way, making the journey comfortable. From Ruhengeri is a few km paved road and then gravel road (which in the rainy season can become impassable) then the last kilometer on foot. Below the park is an area of ​​farming as you wander through the last stretch to the park.

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